Monday, February 11, 2002

Ok, so JTT thinks I misquoted him. It turns out that I didn't misquote him; but either he didn't mean what he said or I didn't take it in the way he meant it, or both. Apologies for that. However, what I said still stands in the absence of its convenient segue.

In other blog maintenance news, Wedge [Antilles] has requested that we compromise by referring to him in the future as [Wedge] Antilles. So Antilles it is.

Today has so far been very good. It started off with a surprise no-quiz in Greek, which was cool even though I spent yesterday in the studio studying for it. We spent the whole class reading a few sentences from Xenophon's Anabasis, which was cool even though I hadn't read those sentences ahead of time. I really want to read the Anabasis, which is Xenophon's firsthand account of how an army of 10,000 Greek mercenaries stranded in the middle of the hostile Persian Empire (Iran) made it back to Greece alive. My translation was pretty good, too; even though I actually read aloud a small portion of the text I generally figured out other peoples' stuff before they did. I'm hardly head and shoulders above the rest of the class, or even clearly the best translator, but I am fairly good. That's cool. I really like the atmosphere of that class, too. It's very friendly.

I had a very mellow hangout with Sweatshirt Girl, Blue Rose, and JTT this afternoon before poetry. That was cool, since I generally don't hang out with them much as a group - well, heck, I generally don't hang out. It did prevent me from doing more Phoenix Earth work, but I think it was a good tradeoff. After all, the rules and tables will still be here when I'm done socializing, and I don't socialize very often. And as long as I finish the rules revision by spring break I'm in no hurry. That is sort of a deadline, since the first Phoenix Earth session since last summer will take place over spring break. I'm very excited about that: not only will it be the first time I'll have seen Kharmak and Maclaeden for a while, but it will also be good to get back in the DMly saddle. Next post I think I'll talk some about roleplaying, in case some of you can't envision precisely what I'm talking about or why I care.

Oh yeah ... about the whole Empire Earth thing. Now, you may be saying to yourself, "why can't you and Antilles just get together and play something? Why do you need to buy a whole new game?" If you are saying that you're quite correct: there's no logical reason why I have to buy a new game to play with him. But I think it will facilitate our getting together, and in addition it's a game I want anyway. So I think I'll get it, if not at the end of the month then at the beginning of March.

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