Tuesday, February 26, 2002

I hate Macs. I just deleted a very large portion of text because I hit "Control-C" instead of "Open Apple C." Fie on those whose keyboard shortcuts are nonstandard, and on all their children unto the fourth generation. To recap:

I am happy for five reasons:

1). I had lunch with a bunch of Tmony people today, which was very pleasant. It was especially pleasant thanks to the presence of Shanah Van, who doesn't eat at Stern all that often anymore. I really am very fond of that girl. I hope I don't come across as sketchy. I don't mean to be, but sometimes I think I am anyway. It's just that it's so nice to have another SoCal country-loving romantic around, you know?

2). I just had an extremely exciting game of MechCommander 2. Good single-player experiences are a rare form of art. Honestly, I could just feel the scared determination of my last two MechWarriors, knowing they were good but knowing that their three compatriots who'd gotten their 'Mechs shot out from under them had been good too, and dreading most of all that their ragged patched-up machines wouldn't last long enough to carry the day no matter how determined they were to take out that last orbital gun.

3). Blue Rose is evidently feeling much better. I am extremely glad. Enough about that.

4). Classical Phoenix Earth is looking like it will become a reality.

5). I've been talking more with Kathelia (so far as I know that isn't a real Greek word, but Perseus is giving me trouble looking up "sunset," so this will do for now), which is also quite pleasant. I look forward to meeting her in person over spring break, when I also hope to start Classical Phoenix Earth and get my sword and sorcery on. I think that our circle of friends will be the better for her inclusion in it.

So that's not nearly as poetic as the last post was, but it'll have to do. Off to go read some Greek now.

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