Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Hmmmm. So I should figure out a way to do this archive thing, since people are starting to read my blog who haven't been doing so from the beginning. Shout out to M'lakMavet, the DM, Twilight, and his girlfriend, for whom I have no codename as yet but hope to soon. Anybody wanna give me a hand? Been to the instructions, read them, didn't quite catch it all.

In other news, as Archimedes so rightly pointed out last night, I have a pretty good life. Sure I'm missing certain things that stereotypically accompany the good life of a twentysomething male who's a product of the conservative middle class, such as a girlfriend and a career track to a prestige job. But I was talking to the aforementioned young lady last night, and I reminded myself of something: dating is optional.

And isn't that what I've always believed? The university is a funny place; its only real reason for existing (as M'lak maintains, and I emphatically agree) is to produce cultured, self-educating individuals - and yet it makes you forget so much of what you knew before. Dating is a case in point. If there aren't any girls around who are suitable candidates for me, why bother?

Such was the belief of the boy who wrote about the "beauty of a girl's smile, / borne on keyboard chords to God, / worth more than a lifetime of kisses." Not that I don't want a lifetime of kisses, but I don't want just any kisses. I don't even want halfway decent kisses. I want the kisses of my Moon-and-Stars. And until those are available, why should I want anything less?

And in the meantime my life is pretty good. The night sky of my love life is still as empty as a Los Angeles night sky, but there are lots of other good things going on in my life. I don't have a girlfriend but I am surrounded by pretty girls (and really, why should I be created in a way that I find girls pretty when I probably only need to find one girl pretty? Thanks, God). I've been waltzing a lot, which of course has potential for being a huge blow to my self-esteem but really is just a good time. All the girls I know who understand//appreciate gamers are back in LA, but at least I have the time to pursue the gaming side of my life, and the general level of interest in Phoenix Earth in those around me has risen appreciably, which always makes me feel loved inasmuch as Phoenix Earth is pretty inextricably tied to my identity as a storyteller. I don't really feel satisfied as a performer, but at least I have performers like the Dixie Chicks and Point of Grace to listen to.

And really, how many people can say all those things? So I have no cause for complaint. Life is pretty good.

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