Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Well, it seems impossible, but I've come up with fully 126 spells for Phoenix Earth. That's all six Inner fields, the ones that deal with matter. Sure, 63 of those haven't been written up yet, but I have the concepts and that's the important part. Now on to the Outer spells, those that deal with energy.

The rest of Phoenix Earth is shaping up quite nicely. I had a conversation with Twilight on dwarven kingships that lasted for over an hour, and it was almost entirely improvised. That's always an exhilarating feeling, even if I did contradict myself once. Then I improvised five cities into existence with Kathelia. If you ever have a conversation with me about Phoenix Earth you might find it amusing to try and figure out in the back of your mind how much of what I'm saying I made up on the spot, particularly if the conversation is via AIM.

Kath is so silly! She's worried that she won't play well, or I won't like her, or somehow she'll end up botching her first chance to be in a roleplaying game. Without saying that she's in straight off, allow me to point out a few things from my conversation last night with her regarding her character:

1). The current idea of the character is a 33-year old mage of the Order of the Azure Eye specializing in healing and telekinesis (Inner Restorations and Inner Immaterials). That is a far cry (and a far better cry, in my opinion) from her first impulse, which was the fey elven warrior stereotype. This character is not only more useful to the party (it's technically very challenging to add a healing non-player character to the party; far better if the healer is a player) and has a lot more room to grow as a heroine.
2). One my skills as a DM is my ability to throw out an answer to a question about the world in an instant, or usually seconds at most. The reason is not because I know every little detail about my world, but rather that I know what my world feels like and can therefore decide pretty quickly which of the possible answers to a question feels like the right one. During our conversation I was throwing questions about her character at Kath pretty quickly - not because I was trying to quiz her or anything, but just because she answered so quickly! She didn't know everything about her character either, but she did know what her character felt like. And that's the key to being a good player.
3). At one point in our conversation Kath referred to her character as "I." That usually doesn't happen to a new player for a few sessions or so, and it's an important milestone. It marks the beginning of the player feeilng comfortable participating in the game as an actor rather than a distant narrator.

So yeah, I predict that Kathelia will fit in just fine.

In an unrelated note, Shanah's pledging a sorority on campus called Chi Omega. The funny thing about that is that Chi-O was formed because a bunch of girls decided they needed a sorority 'cause a bunch of their guy friends had formed a frat just for the heck of it. Apparently Greek letter societies are supposed to make their names actual Greek acronyms, but the sisters of Chi-O just picked two they thought looked good together; they don't stand for anything. Now probably they don't want them to stand for anything, but I don't know many words that start with omega so I decided to look some up and see what acronyms I could make. I came up with the following: chariessai horazdousai, or "graceful\\charming girls who bloom with youthful beauty." That amused me; I don't know if it amuses you.

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