Friday, March 01, 2002

Okay, so Kathelia is cute. Way cute. I don't think anyone since Kharmak and Maclaeden has actually been so interested in just the rules of Phoenix Earth. Oh I'm going to enjoy this. But as Twilight pointed out in his indirect way, I have got to get going on the worldbuilding. Thanks to Mr. Clean for helping me figure out how elven magic works, and yesterday afternoon while getting a smoothie with Archimedes and the Wizard I figured out the rules for human magic. So basically all I need now is to fill in the damage specs and modifiers for my bow weapons, then go back and make sure I haven't left any weapons eclipsed by other weapons. Why is that so important? Well for one thing, as Archimedes pointed out, it gives the players something to strategize about. But my players (with the exception of Kharmak and Maclaeden) generally don't strategize about that sort of thing too much, which means the real reason I need a balanced variety of weapons is for style's sake. I just think the world would look dumb if everybody went around using (say) broadswords because that's the best\\most efficient weapon in the game.

I'm way excited about Viennese, but I'm also way excited about the prospect of going home. As the estimable Ms. Tumes has said:

I'm flying home tonight;
I've got a ticket bound for my shore.
I'll leave this town behind
As I wave farewell from above.

Oh, I'm watching the stars light up the heavens
Oh, I think of my family together, and I'm
With the angels.

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