Saturday, March 16, 2002

I just got back from the dining hall, where they had not only some excellent broil but finger jello as well! In addition, I'm listening to Point of Grace in Steady On, which is truly an excellent album. Of course I'm naturally inclined to favor the vocal stylings of a Christian women's quartet, but really, these ladies are extremely good. In control, blend, and range of vocal expression I know of no contemporary vocal group that is their equal.

Today I invited Kathelia to bring her mage mistress along to the first session of Classical Phoenix Earth, which will be held on March 29. She was very excited about that, which made me happy. I finished writing up a quick packet about combat in the Classical game, which [predictably] Kharmak has already read through and [equally predictably] contained one or more typos which [most predictably of all] Kharmak pointed out to me. Oh well, nobody's perfect. What I need to do now is get the magic packet done, especially since I have at least three human mages in my party (Kath's healer/telepath from the Azure Eye, Lionell's dowrider from the Blood Maw, and Maclaeden's swordsman from the Silver Wrist).

Unfortunately I have to work first. All this talk about Phoenix Earth has got me yearning for home, but sadly there are two finals to get through first. I'm not worried, but I will have to work at them for th next couple days before I can really launch myself into what I would truly like to do.

There is a winged six-legged interloper buzzing around Vladimir (mine and Simba's ceiling light smiley). I am generally tolerant of our diminutive six-legged friends, but this one looks suspiciously like a mosquito and therefore her life is forfeit provided I don't have to expend any great effort tracking her down.

Finally, for your convenience, the Comforts of the Day list is provided at left. It is a quick way for me to acquaint you with the things that make me feel good and feel loved. In addition, it will hopefully provide you with a ready-made list of nice things to do for me should you ever feel inclined to do so. I personally find it very frustrating when I want to do something nice for somebody but don't know what would make them feel loved, so here's my own small contribution to solving that problem.

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