Saturday, January 29, 2005

Just got back from seeing The Phantom of the Opera with Enika. Still reeling from it. In fact, listening to it as I type this is kind of distracting. I have my critique of it, of course (although overall I actually thought it was good cinema), but all in all I'd say that my sister's recommendation was dead on. I'm going to have to disagree with Twilight ... not necessarily with his critique itself so much as what conclusion to draw from that. Well, I guess I do disagree with him about Christine. I disagree with Kalaraen about Christine too (well, I disagree with the person with whom Kale agrees in that regard, but I haven't come up with a suitable blogname for her yet); I actually liked her performance. And I wholeheartedly agree with Twilight about liking Raoul. The bottom line is that the whole thing made my blood thrill, which is why I loved it.

This goes on my list (along with City of Angels, which I have also been listening to) of shows that I'd really like to do. I discovered on the way home, in the privacy of Meilissa, that this is good singing music. I mean of course it's good music, but it turns out to be music that I can really sing. Music that I can put power behind, that I can perform and pour heart into. In the privacy of my car, of course. Although Blue Rose is quite right that I am a "ham" (ahem ... a performer, if you please), I am a performer because I am shy. Which means I am particularly shy about singing and acting.

I love art. I mean, I don't consider myself artsy. But I love being able to share good cinema with people. Other people are free to be unimpressed by this film; it made my blood thrill and so it goes on the list of special movies I love.

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