Thursday, January 06, 2005

I'm halfway through my tests, and getting lots of Starsiege 2845 work done since my computer seems to have a fried motherboard (it's been sent into HP already; thankfully it's still under warranty). As a result of this and the fact that the law school's wireless network is shut down during exams, I am reduced to checking the internet in Meyer. As a result of this I will keep this post to two short observations.

Observation the first: I get nervous before exams, but in a sort of weird way. Two or three hours before I go to bed the night before, it hits me that I have a test the following morning. It's quite sudden, like all my nerves are on edge - the same sort of feeling I get immediately before going on stage. It is a good time to pray and confess what is on my heart. The following morning I am not nervous.

Observation the second: my life would be much poorer without my beloved Blue Rose.

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