Saturday, February 15, 2003

I've decided that I like playing the predator hunter more than the warrior. Linn may have more potential, but I'm not at all sure of that (though she does have a mightier gun, even if it's not as good for clearing paths as the famed predator shoulder gun). And the hunter is just so kinetic, especially once I learned that he has a higher-velocity version of Linn's "kick off of one alien and into another, then back again" move (though the hunter's version can't be repeated as often as Linn's). And this game is all about style, and the fact that everything on the screen is just so high-energy. I've even gotten used to the orange armor, and I have so mastered that Blanka-ball move he has.

I'm listening to the City of Angels soundtrack right now - have been for several days, actually. Although I think this show has some flaws in its writing, I really like some of its numbers. Stine has been added to my very short list of Characters I Would Love to Play (the others being Javert and Pontius Pilate). And of course I love to sing Stone's songs too - and I just love Gabby's songs, and Oolie/Donna's. This is music where the background is not boring (far from it, in my opinion), but isn't trying to steal the spotlight. And because the songs actually advance the action, rather than merely expanding on some point that has been made in dialogue, they really offer potential for acting, too. Ah, happy sigh.

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