Wednesday, February 19, 2003

I have figured out Dutch Schaefer (who is part of the Alien vs. Predator universe evidently because he's Arnold's character in the original Predator). I actually like Dutch more than Linn in a lot of ways. He has three great drawbacks: he can't jump (well, he can jump a little), his gun overheats after two bursts, which makes it nigh useless at long range, and he's slow. However, he has three great advantages: he has no weapon (or rather, his cybernetic arm is his weapon), so his offensive power isn't diminished when he gets knocked over, he hits harder than anybody else in the game, and he can pick up a weapon in the form of the pipe, which does massive damage and knocks people down with a single hit.

Dutch really only has two special moves, but they're pretty good. One is this kind of bull rush thing he has, which besides getting him in close where he can lay the smack down trumps most other moves in the game, including the smasher alien's charge attack. Second is his dragon punch thing, which only works when an alien is near by. That by itself isn't so great, but he falls in slow motion and you can blaze away with his smart gun while you fall, which makes it pretty cool and devastating against bosses. So it turns out that Schaefer's pretty cool after all, though I still prefer the predators.

Viennese is coming up soon, which I am very psyched about for a number of reasons. For one thing I have a wonderful date, who besides being pretty and witty and charming is one of my most favorite people to dance with. And besides Chariessa, there will be other lovely people to dance with as well, such as Rose and Shanah and Lady and lots others I'm sure except I don't remember precisely who all is going of the dancers I know. Additionally, Viennese gives me a chance to dress up and be gentlemanly, and generally have a high-class date. And I'm more or less organizing things this time around, which makes me feel competent and organized. Well, I am competent and I can be organized, but I generally don't feel that way at Stanford. So this is a nice change.

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