Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Probably the best prayer times I have at Stanford are walking back after a dance event. This is, by the way, why I will always turn you down if you offer to drive me back after a Jammix or something. There is something profound about walking slowly back through the diamond cold, murmuring adoration under my breath and lifting my supplications to heaven in a low, quiet voice. Especially when the moon and the stars are out - the stars which stand for here, this singular orbit of my life, and the bright moon which is the enduring and personal symbol of God's love for me.

Tonight was wonderful, after a hard day. I got to dance an awful lot with the Tech Director and White Jade, and the TD and I even got singled out to exhibit our hungroise. Dancing with both those girls is awful fun and is kind of flattering, but that wasn't really why tonight was so great. Like I said, it was a hard day.

But at night, the moon was full and bright.

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